Step 3


The USMLE Step 3 examination is the final test in the sequence of USMLES, and once you pass this test have the credentials to apply for medical license which allows unsupervised practice. However, you would also need to complete residency in your given field.  This test is split into two parts, which can be on consecutive or non-consecutive days.  The cost to register for Step 3 is $830 USD, this cost is nonrefundable and non-transferable to any other test date once you have registered.

The first part is known as the Foundations of Independent Practice, or FIP. It will be divided into six 60 minute sections, each consisting of 38 to 40 multiple choice questions, the total number of questions will be 233. The test is designed to test a student’s understanding of clinical medicine and foundational science.

Part two of step 3 is divided into six 45 minute sections of 30 multiple choice questions, totaling 180 questions, followed by 13 computer based case simulations. This section of the test is designed to assess a student’s application of patient management, knowledge of health and disease and their impacts on patient care, and to test the students’ abilities of quantitative reasoning and evidence based medicine. Step 3 is scored 1-300 with a minimum score of 196 required to pass, IMGs average around 210, and a good score is considered to be over 220.

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