The Step 1 test is an 8 hour 308 multiple choice question test that consists of seven 1 hour blocks that are each comprised of 44 items and a 1 hour break/tutorial time. This tests your basic science knowledge, your ability to apply the practice of medicine, and the knowledge of physiology, pathology, health issues, and modes of rehabilitation.  This test is graded from 1 to 300, with a minimum passing score of 192. The average IMG score is around 210, and anything above a 220 is considered to be a good score. The cost for taking the Step 1 exam is $880 USD (plus any additional costs for taking this test outside the US), rescheduling fees may cost as much as $569 USD, and as for all of these exams, other fees will be applied for things like rechecking scores, changing your testing region, or extending your exam eligibility.

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