Decision: Becoming a Practicing Physician in the US

The path to a US medical residency is a daunting one, especially as an IMG. This site is meant to serve as a guide, compiled from years of experience, to help east that task and sort through the process. This site contains information from IMGs that have successfully matched, practicing physicians, former program directors, the latest trends and data, and vital reputable sources.

The right information must be absorbed from the outset and all available options must be analyzed to arrive at your favored outcome. Many IMGs have a difficult time not only adjusting to the US healthcare system but to the overall culture and process. This site hopes to provide support from those who have successfully been through the process.

Remember that you are truly a student even throughout residency and the process should be treated as such.

This site is broken down by section and in each you will find a different important step in the process to achieving your ultimate goals – taking you from medical school to the match.  With each section we aim to:

  • Familiarize the IMG with all pertinent terms they will come in contact with during the process
  • Identify the professional needs of each student with an eye on bettering them as an applicant
  • Clear any confusion as to the intricacies of the process
  • Serve as a repository of information found scattered throughout various sources
  • Use our experience in the field to pass along the knowledge from those who have achieved what you wish to

We wish you all the best and Good Luck!