Residency Match

Residency Match

The NRMP is the next step in obtaining a residency. The NRMP has a registration fee of $65 USD, and then the match program has a standard or specialty match fee of $70 USD, additional fees will be added for things such as late registration, couples match applications, institution fees & program fees. In order to apply for the residency match program you will have to register for the Electronic Residency Application Service, or ERAS. Since this is a separate institution, it has its own registration costs and fees. In order to register with ERAS, you will need to obtain a token from your medical school; some schools charge for this token, but others do not. You will have to check with your specific school for details. Once you have registered with ERAS, they will charge you $50 to get your transcript from the USMLE website.

Once ERAS has verified your eligibility, you may apply for the NRMP. Through ERAS you can upload your medical school transcripts, your medical school performance evaluations, your USMLE transcripts, personal statements and letters of recommendation (LORS). From here program directors can see your transcripts and call you in for an interview. Once you have interviewed, you can apply for a residency. Please remember any apply for a residency at a location you have not interviewed with will not be considered. Each application has a cost, it varies by the amount of applications and specialties you apply to, but for 1-10 basic applications are $96 USD each.

When sending out applications, residency applicants must remember to rank their choices in the NRMP R3 system, which stands for Registration, Ranking, and Results. The match program system compares hospitals top ranked picks to potential resident’s choices and creates a match from there. Please remember if you do not rank your applications in the order of your choice, they will not be considered. On match day, which is usually a Monday, you will receive notifications through the R3 system if you have matched and have not matched. If you have not matched, there SOAP process starts on Tuesday. The final MATCH results will be posted on the R3 system on the Friday of Match Week.


If you do not get a match initially, there are other options. The NRMP has the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program, or SOAP. Many unaffiliated residencies are listed through SOAP, as well as unfilled residencies. There will be a list of all unfilled residency positions listed on the second day of match week, and all participants of SOAP may apply through the R3 system. The SOAP program does not have any additional fees, but it will limit you to apply to a maximum total of 45 positions.

When applying for a residency position, it is important to remember what program directors and chief residents are looking for when they select an applicant. First they will review your medical school performance evaluation of MSPE, as well as your USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK & CS scores. They will also be looking for personal statements, and letters of recommendation from your dean or physicians you have worked with in Observership, clerkships or externships.