NRMP is the National resident Matching Program for International Medical Graduates (IMG). The NRMP starts at Sep 15th and the fee is $60. But after Nov 30th, it became $110. So to save some, it is better to register as early as possible. NRMP is the step after you applied for the ERAS and completed your interview. The NRMP is a program whose goal is to integrate the rank list of all the applicants and programs for participating in the match program.

To go for the NRMP program, you have to register with NRMP. Keep it in your mind that where the ERAS are an application, NRMP is where you have to register to go for the Match. After finishing your interview, go to the webpage of NRMP and put in your “Rank list”. Rank list is the list of residency programs you might like to attend, where the order is from the most to the least desired. As like as ERAS, your list must have to certify before the system can start integration towards calculating algorithm. You can change your list till the last moment of the rank link submission deadline. You can have a look on to the NRMP schedule to have an idea about what you can expect:

Match Calendars

Your ranking should be based on your preference, the program you interviewed with. It is also important to understand how NRMP works. Spend some time to understand the whole process.

***Remember it is Extremely Important to Understand the NRMP Algorithm***.

To understand the NRMP algorithm better, go to the NRMP website and read the section under match algorithm. There are some people who will tell you to rank the program based on the ones you match most. It is not true; the NRMP system is designed for your benefit. The match day differs every year. Usually it is the third Monday of every year. On the match day, you will get to know whether you are matched or not.

Immediately after the MATCH result is published, there will be a new system called SOAP, which kicks in 4 days. SOAP is for the people who didn’t match. We will discuss about SOAP in the next section of the article, or you can visit to know more about it at:


Results are usually published in the following Friday of the match. After match publication, start communicating with the program to start your paperwork as soon as possible; paperwork, like- your contract, visa, immunization etc. If you didn’t match the program, don’t give up hope. There are still chances with SACM, which makes affiliations all year long. Keep trying, communicate with them; possibly you can find an interview or a suitable position.