NRMP Explained

The NRMP stands for National Resident matching program. It is actually a private – non – profit and non – governmental organization which is based on United – State culture and traditions. This organization is sponsored by different associations like American medical association and American hospital association etc. This organization was formed in 1952 due to prevailing dishonesty – resulting in unsatisfactory results of matching applications to residency programs. This organization was built to get evidences for the crystal clear procedures for the applications of foreigner students, graduated from medical schools of countries – other than US.

To be a part of NRMP, the international and foreign students need to have a certificate known as ECFMG certification. What is this certification and why it is so important? We have found students asking such questions and many others. Though, there is a large material present on net about NRMP, ECFMG, letter of recommendation and ERAS etc – this material is scattered and often not clear enough to guide and satisfy each student with individual issues.  We have tried our best to alleviate the problems and queries of our local as well as foreigner medical students by help of this article.  All the confusion and relevant questions are tried to answer in simple and easy way.  Hope – this article will help you a lot to get through from complex questions about the residency process and applications.

To know well about NRMP, you must have knowledge about ECFMG and ERAS:

  1. What is ECFMG? Why people talk so much about it?

ECFMG is simply – educational commission for foreigner medical graduates. It is an essential part of your medical study because:

  • Your teachers and professors give you enough knowledge about its importance and procedures – by your third year in medical school
  • Importance – you are able to apply for USMLE and CS through ECFMG and this commission will certify you a degree that will be used in US.

But if you are not registered here – this may be a case of worry. So, it is really important for you to register yourself as soon through the website of When you are registered – it means now you are eligible for:

  • Getting code by ECFMG – you are now allowed to register for ERAS – the residency application program
  • Receives your letter of recommendation and transfers them to ERAS system.

Now, it’s a time to know about the 2nd most important element of discussion – the ERAS

  1. Why ERAS?  What’s so special about it?

Abbreviated as ERAS – The Electronic Residency Application Service – a service of the Association of American Medical Colleges – a way through which graduates of medical schools apply to residency programs in the U.S.

  • Once you are registered to ERAS – you are now eligible to fill online application by this organization system
  • It is really important for you that you are familiar to internet and online form fillings
  • You will be asked some personal information about name, father name and your contact info etc
  • Next you will be asked about your academic careers, your degrees, your grades and performances and awards etc
  • You would have to add your personal statement – like why you selected this area of study or what objectives you have and how will you accomplish them etc.  That’s most important area of application filling – because relevant authorities give extra attention to this application field. So, we recommend you to build your personal statement – in highly exceptional and professional way. Typical statements like – It was my passion or I want to perform my kind service to nation – gain no respect and never get appreciated well. So, you must think about what you want to express.

Area of interest and discussion – NRMP

Now, you are at that point where you have understood the terms like ERAS and ECFMG. Next, we are going to discuss about NRMP – which is the term of our interest!

  • Simply known as matching program
  • You must have to register yourself – early here to save money
  • You perform this step after ERAS – means complete filling of your profile and then interviews are conducted
  • You must know that ERAS is just an application – you give information about you – that’s it. NRMP is something different. Here you register yourself – for the match actually
  • What you have to do is – first you get through your interviews – and then put this information about your interviews on your rank list. ( you must have to put info on preference)
  • It’s really important for you to study and understand the NRMP and relevant fields. The most important element to read is NRMP algorithm. You can read more about this at
  • The matching results announce within a week. You can start your paper work after result announcement
  • If you don’t get matched, don’t lose your hope. SOAP will help you in this case and you can always reapply in the worst case.

You can get some more information from their website –